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How It Works?

01. Create Account

The website is designed to facilitate a registered member to search the present contact details of another member who happens to be his old friend or a relative.

A person has to register his contact no., e-mail address and his past and present identifiable profile data which is divided into present identity, family data, schools/colleges attended, employment/ profession data with the website.

02. Find Friends

A member can search his old friend who is also a registered member, by entering the last known address and any other known details.The website program will match the details entered with the data available in the data base. After identifying the required person or maximum three persons matching with similar data, a massage will be sent through website giving the details of their old friendship. The correct person on receiving the massage will respond and a communication is established between them.

03. Invite Friends

A non member who is not registered with the website can also be traced. The member will post a message in the website on payment of prescribed fee in advance, giving the details of both. The messages will be arranged in the alphabetical order of the non members names. The non member will respond to the massage through the website.

Why You Need To Register?

The program doesn’t support the search of unknown members, since a member can’t be searched without factual data. The data of a member will not be disclosed to the unknown members.

The registered profile and the search program will facilitate easy search of the long lost old friends and relatives.

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