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Welcome to Indian Old Friends

Friendships and acquaintances form the most exciting part of human beings. The joy of interacting with them, sharing with them and being with them is quite a marvelous experience to be a part of. But our responsibilities and obligations most of the times may come in between when we have to move from one place to another place for a variety of reasons like work, education, marriage and any other reason. So in time, the relationships wither and die as we can’t find them. But not anymore, thanks to INDIAN OLD FRIENDS website. It will help you in finding your old friends and rekindle the warmth you shared before.

In India, a platform which allows users to find their friends and acquaintances from old addresses is rarely available. This is the major attraction of the platform. Having realised this, we have worked hard to create a platform that will be helpful to millions of users in India who aren’t tech-savvy like the youth who uses various other social media platforms. The platform is created targeting the middle and old aged people of the country who have lost their friendships and acquaintances. Indian old friends is a new-age social networking platform that is deftly created for a target group of Indians who are above 50/55 years of age. The objective of the networking site is to help a large number of Indians to find their lost friends and acquaintances over the years. By streamlining the searches with names, addresses, jobs and other details, the results are narrowed effectively to find the person a user is searching for.

The platform works on a database which is created by collecting the information from the users. The past and present family, residential, school, college and workplace details of the users are collected and arranged carefully into a logically connected database that can be used by the user members to search other members. The search feature of the platform is the most simple and effortless way to find the members in the platform.

This is extremely useful for those people who frequently move to other places for various reasons. The members will be able to find their acquaintances and friends by searching with addresses and other details. Once the members are able to find each other, the contact details are exchanged by the site on a small subscription fee. Also, memberships can be referenced by already-joined members.

This is a website created to support the middle aged and old people and is conceived not with its commercial purpose in mind. The registration as a member is free and the members can create a profile by entering a range of details pertaining to their previous and current addressees, the details of the schools and colleges they studied, the clubs, associations in which they were a part of and the details of their previous and current employers.

The platform is carefully created with the intention of helping people to find other whom they already know. Privacy of the users is not compromised as the contacts are made with the consent of the users at all situations. The site’s target group is a unique demography that consists of retired employees, professionals, housewives and other who move from one place to another making them leave their friends and acquaintances permanently. While collecting the details of the group, sensitive and confidential information is not collected and stored by the site at all. Indian old friends is excepted to grow within two to three years by acquiring active members of more than a million.

The platform is the brainchild of a retired senior officer in a public sector undertaking who wishes to rekindle the lost friendships and acquaintances over the years to a large number of esteemed patrons.

Welcome to Indian Old Friends where lost friends are found.

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