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All the Indians above the age of 18 years and who are living in India or in any other countries of the world are eligible to register as members of the website.


While registering a password will be given to the member. He has to register the required past and present identifiable information in the given format. This will be done by the member himself. He can update, alter, change or delete any portion of the data at any time if required during the period of his membership.


The purpose of information registered is for searching the members by other members who is earlier a friend or known person. While searching certain information to identify the required member may be tracked. But an unknown person cannot track the whole data, since the search program will not support.


While registering the member has to mention whether he can be accessed directly by any one and a massage is to be sent giving is past introduction. The receiver member will have an option to contant or not, the person after the identification.Then only communication is possible between then. Hence, a stranger cannot search an unknown member and cannot contact him without sending a massage when he opts for it.


No, the referred friends need not be known already. Giving a reference means you are introducing the functions and usefulness of the website and the other person is getting registration on his own.


No, the member registering with the website is joining on his own responsibility. He himself will be responsible for the dealings during the membership period. The member who gives reference will not have any obligation or responsibility by other member’s actions.


Accurate details are not always are known to all the persons. Suppose the exact school where the member was attended is not known then the search program will search in all the schools of the town and its neighbouring areas. Thus the approximate details also will help in searching the member.


This condition is incorporated in the terms of use. Since many people may choose to misuse the contact details by sending unwarranted massages and use the details for propagation of their commercial activities. The above may annoy the customer member. Hence contact details are not disclosed to the member. The details are given after the acceptance of the receiver member only.


While searching the data the website is extending services and the member is receiving the services. Subscription charges are meant for the services offered by the website. Small subscriptions are necessary for survival and sustenance of the website.

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